By Laura Via

Health Quality Innovators

“New Barriers”

The past couple of months, have created a lot of changes and barriers for many of my practices. Many of my practices are part of a larger health system that has utilized a third party and centralized all of their care coordinators. While some practices don’t seem to see many changes, other practices leaned heavier on their care coordinators and have been facing new challenges since this change.

In addition to this barrier, one of my practices is currently facing an organizational structure and staffing change. This is making it difficult for them to keep momentum not only with the HVH initiative, but all of the projects they’re currently involved in.

In looking ahead, it seems evident that these changes will be constantly occurring. Even as we work to restore joy in practice, there will be staff turnover. For this reason I’ve been working to communicate with practices not only the importance of working on the goals we’ve currently set, but also developing strategies to barriers that may arise after we are no longer able to provide support. This includes the VHIN platform, as well as any tools and tipsheets we’ve created to assist with the ABCS measures and related workflows. My hope is that moving forward, these practices will continue to rely on these tools and use what they’ve learned to develop solutions to any new barriers that come up.

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